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The introduction of subtle lighting behind a TV can reduce viewer fatigue, particularly on today’s high contrast LED/Plasma displays when used in a home cinema environment with minimal ambient lighting.

This subtle lighting is also known as ‘bias lighting’ and works by decreasing the size of the eyes retina in response to the higher overall light levels – without changing the perceived picture brightness & contrast levels, hence maintaining the important viewer experience.

The 2 million colour controller used in our TV bias lighting kit features RGB up/down controls allowing the user to define (and store) up to 6 of their own favourite ‘whites’ (including close to 6500K) over many different brightness levels.

The flexibility of RGB ‘colour mixing’ also allows some compensation in rooms with a coloured rear wall – white being the optimum colour. A colour temperature of 6500K is accepted by many as the optimum colour temperature for bias lighting.

NOTE:  Heavily coloured rear walls may not  produce close-to-6500K bias lighting.

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