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RGB Technology

At the heart of our RGB lighting is a super-bright RGB (Red Green Blue) LED (Light Emitting Diode) measuring only 5mm x 5mm in size. Red green & blue are primary colours and, since the red green & blue LED’s can be controlled individually, they can produce a broad spectrum of colours, including many shades of white. The LED’s have a beam angle of 120 degrees.

The RGB LED’s are attached to a flexible strip, which has a self-adhesive backing (similar to draught excluder) making them easy to install, and with care, can be bent around corners.

The LED controller is the ‘brain’ of the system, supplying the R G & B LED’s individually with the required power to produce the colour selected on the remote control. It is the controller that determines how many colours the RGB strip can display and how many modes (e.g. flash/fade) are available.

Need more than 25m of strip? We can supply all the necessary items for larger installations

For larger more technical installations that require more than 25m of LED strip, we can custom design a system for you, and provide all the LED strips, RGB Amplifiers, power supplies and 4-core RGB12 cabling that are required to suit your exact needs. See our Services page for further details.

Using strip remnants

For our 5m strips, if the strip needs to be cut down to size, the strip remnant can be used to provide additional lighting. For example, a 5m RGB strip is to be used for backlighting a 55″ TV which will require approximately 4.2m, leaving a remnant of 0.8m. Beneath the TV is a 1m wide shelf housing AV equipment, so the strip remnant could be used to provide illumination above the AV equipment. Click here to see how.

DFS (Dual Feeding System) & DRS (Dimming Reduction System) for improved performance

Dual feeding (DFS) and DRS – both invented by Visualchillout – reduce the ‘dimming’ that occurs at the non-connected end of the LED strip, particularly on the 60 LED/m strips. When 2 or more 5m 60 LED/m strips are daisy-chained, we strongly recommend dual-feeding to prevent overheating of the first strip and dimming of the second and subsequent strips. DRS, used in our 30 LED/m kits (10m – 25m), is a simplified version of DFS and is suitable for 30 LED/m strips and much easier to implement. Click here for some examples of dual feeding (restricted access).

PWM technology

All our controllers now use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to dim the LED strips. Rather than reduce the static DC voltage to dim the strips (old analogue technology), PWM controllers use digital technology to generate a 12V pulse, the pulse width determines the brightness. The pulse rate is typically 100 – 200 times per second (100 – 200 Hz) to prevent visible flicker.


Our Downloads page has several examples of our RGB lighting systems.

Any other Technical issues we should be discussing?


We have more than 20 years experience in the electronics industry, our staff can answer any technical issues you may have.



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