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RGB LED Strips are becoming ever more popular. But you might have seen RGBW strips pop up when looking at your home or commercial lighting solutions. So other than the W on the end, what is the difference. Also, how does that impact your mood lighting decision in terms of the best led lighting to invest in?

Well LED tape lights have opened up a whole world of affordable mood and accent lighting. This is due to the easy fitting, low cost and the vast range of user defined colours at your fingertips. Due to the LED tape, they are easy to mould to shape and cut, you really don’t need any electrical know how to be able to create some amazing lighting effects. So why RGBW and what does that add?

The Difference Between RGBW strips & RGB LED strips

That extra W means white, and the traditional RGB (Red Green Blue) also known as a 3-in-1 now has an extra white chip, cunningly referred to as a 4-in-1. With the normal RGB, if all LEDS are at maximum brightness then the light it emits “looks” white. But the RGW has an extra chip that really is white. The reason for that is while RGB can deliver close to white, when you add a dedicated white LED, then you get a true white. And, that’s not all, by adding in this white chip, it adds even more range and tones for the RGB’s to create even more colours and shades across the colour spectrum including pastels.

RGBW strips

When To Use RGBW strips?

Simple, if you want even more colours then the RGBW strips are the best option.If you want a true white, then the RGBW wins on that score as well. It adds a little more clarity and a wider range of colours and for those times when you only want a white light, then RGBW really does make a difference. This is the latest advancement in the RGB lighting and it’s becoming ever more popular. They do come with their own controllers as they need to have five output terminals. That’s one for each of the primary colours, Red, Green, Blue. In addition to the White LED, and an output for V+ which is the common power terminal.

Visualchillout RGBW strips

RGBW strips are becoming more popular for the home and corporate lighting specialist. We’ve sourced some of the very best on the market. Take a look at our RGBW LED Strips and try the extra white effect for yourself. We are big fans of the effects and we think you will be too.