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WiFi LED controller – single zone


(Router compatible)

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Our single zone WiFi LED controller allows the control of RGB strips & lamps using your smartphone or tablet, and is compatible with iOS (iPhones,iPads) & Android phones/tablets. To see this controller in action, check out our demo video.

The controller can work through your router so as to maintain internet / email connectivity etc.

View smartphone screenshots.

Single zone WiFi LED controller features:

3 modes: RGB, CT (for our dual white strips), dimmer.

Colour selection using on-screen colour disc, adjustable brightness.

New fade-to-white feature allowing many shades of white (pastels).

9 dynamic modes including colour jump & colour fade, adjustable speed.

Multiple devices (phones/tablets) can be connected simultaneously for multi-user experience.

Single zone WiFi LED controller specifications:

Supply: 12-24V DC via screw terminal block.

Output: 4A/channel maximum, 12A total maximum via screw terminal block.

Connection mode : Common anode

RF remote control, 433 MHz, 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

Controller dimensions: W 108mm x D 63mm x H 28mm.


WiFi controller, RF Touch remote control & User Guide.

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