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RGB Amplifiers


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RGB Amplifiers – features:

Our RGB Amplifiers are used in larger installations where the total length of LED strip required exceeds the maximum length specified for the RGB LED controller/dimmer. Any length of LED strip can be used with any of our RGB LED controllers with the correct use of Amplifiers, PSU’s (Power Supplies) and cabling. Customers can read our RGB Amplifier application guide showing several examples using RGB strip lengths between 20m and 40m.

RGB Amplifiers – specifications:


12A variant 3 x 4A/channel

18A variant 3 x 6A/channel.

Voltage: 12-24V DC

Connection mode: Common anode.

Dimensions: L106mm x W63mm x H23mm.

Maximum strip length :

12A variant – 20m of 30 LED/m strip, 10m of 60 LED/m strip

18A variant – 30m of 30 LED/m strip, 15m of 60 LED/m strip

LINKS : RGB amplifier examples

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