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RF dimmer


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RF dimmer features:

Our touch sensitive RF dimmer is suitable for driving single colour LED strips up to 3 x 6A each channel.

Outputs can be parallelled :

Example 1 : 2 outputs tied together for 12A plus 6A to two separate loads.

Example 2 : All 3 outputs tied together for 18A single load.

 .Note that the brightness on all 3 output terminals is identical.

RF dimmer specifications:

Supply : 12-24V DC via screw terminal block.

Output: 3 x 6A, 18A maximum via screw terminal block.

Brightness levels : 16, PWM rate 785 Hz

Controller dimensions: L 85mm x W 80mm x H 33mm

RF remote control dimensions: H 115mm x W 55mm x D 20mm.

Remote control power : Uses 3 off AAA batteries (not included)

See this page for the variety of applications.


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