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24V power supplies


Suitable for 24V LED strips/controllers



24V power supplies – features:

Our 24V ventilated power supplies are switch mode regulated types and are available in 4 current ratings from 4.1A (100W) through to 10A (240W).

All models have a 110-240V 50/60 Hz AC input range.

24V power supplies – specifications:

Screw terminal block for Live,Neutral, Earth inputs, 24V and 0V outputs – see photo below..

Mains input range: 110V-240V AC 50-60 Hz

Dimensions: 4.1A – 7.5A PSU’s : L200mm x W100mm x H45mm ; 10A PSU : L200mm x W110mm x H50mm.

Sufficient clearance should be provided around and above the units to allow the circulation of air – MINIMUM 5cm above, 50cm sides – DO NOT enclose in a confined space.

Please only attempt MAINS wiring if you are competent in these matters, otherwise use the services of a qualified Electrician. NOTE : exposed terminals.

12V power supplies



Additional information

Current rating

4.1A (100W), 5A (120W), 7.5A (150W), 10A (240W)


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