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1 million colour controller


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Our 1 million colour controller uses RF (Radio Frequency) and features 7 preset static colours with adjustable brightness and RGB up/down controls to produce over 1 million different colours at 100 different brightness levels, including many shades of white (i.e. pastels). There are 5 memory buttons to store your favourite colours.

1 million colour controller features:

RF – can work through walls, cupboards, glass etc.

3/7-colour jump modes, adjustable brightness, adjustable speed.

Multi-colour fade modes, adjustable speed.

Flashing strobe mode (white), adjustable speed.

1 million colour controller specifications:

Supply: 12-24V DC via screw terminal block.

Output: 4A/channel max. 12A total, via screw terminal block.

Connection mode: Common anode.

RF frequency : 433 MHz

Controller dimensions: L132mm x W63mm x H23mm.



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