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A great way of adding some fantastic mood lighting to your home or office is to use 10m LED strip lights. Furthermore, these are becoming widespread in use with home owners and designers as they are very easy to fit. They quickly change the whole ambience of the room because they can display a wide range of colours. There are 2 types of coloured strips, fixed colour e.g. blue only, and RGB that can display a huge range of colours. Almost all LED strips (sometimes called LED tape) have a self adhesive backing for ease & speed of assembly.

Also, LED strips come in white as well as the stronger colours. White types are becoming popular as suitable replacements for light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. White LED tape comes in a range of shades of white including warm, natural and cool white. Visual chillout have been supplying and designing mood lighting systems for several years now. Have a chat with Chris, the owner, who is a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Some examples of 10m LED strip lights

If we consider 10m LED strip lights, then this length of strip (33 feet) can be applied to many areas.  Let’s take an example of kitchens – modern kitchens come in all shapes and sizes but this is no big deal. This is because the flexible LED strips can be cut to length to suit the surface it is attached to. This could include under / above kitchen cupboard units, or low level pelmet for floor lighting as in the photo below.

10m LED strip lights in kitchen mood lighting

Some designer kitchens also have a central island – this too can be fitted with white or coloured flexible LED strip. When the lighting is fragmented like this, it is best to use a good supplier that can design this properly. The cheap on line stores are best avoided as they do not have the skill set to do custom designs needed in this type of lighting.

Modern bar party lighting using 10m LED strip lights

The video below shows the visual impact of RGB LED mood lighting when in used in colour changing mode. Most noteworthy, is the fact that the colour and brightness of the lighting In this demo is adjusted with your smart phone or tablet. A 10m LED strip lights kit was quite sufficient to provide the back lighting on this panel.

Along these lines, another slant to the set up above is a false TV wall. This is when a large TV is mounted onto this to provide a low cost home cinema feel. This can provide subdued bias lighting to ease the strain of watching a TV in dark surroundings.

Relaxing bedroom lighting using 10m LED strip lights

In order to create a romantic or relaxing ambience, RGB LED strips can be used in the bedroom to set the right mood in the evening. Some examples of this are above wardrobe cabinets, beneath the bed and around the shelving as shown in the photo below.

Bedroom 10m LED strip lights


As we have seen, the sheer ease of use of LED strips means that the number of areas for 10m LED strip lights is limited only by the mind.

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