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In this post, we show you some mood lighting ideas to enable you to enhance your living or working spaces. Lighting has come on a long way from the humble electric bulb, which has been in widespread use for many decades. Most people will have heard the term LED because these devices have flourished in recent years. They offer vast savings – around 80% – in running costs compared to the old style filament bulbs. Some LED lamps now on offer even look like the old style bulbs for a retro feel and look.

LED filament bulbs

Older white LED products produced a cool, almost clinical white light which has a slight blue tint. Yet time moves on quickly in the world of LED lighting. The latest types have a much warmer glow as in the photo above. These bulbs can be bought as either low voltage (12 or 24V DC) or mains voltage to suit your wiring needs.

Mood lighting ideas in the living room

So far, we have only discussed white LED products for mood lighting ideas, but LED’s come in all sorts of colours and sizes. RGB lights have paved the way for a vast choice of colors which also includes the softer pastel colours. This is in addition to the stronger colours that we are seeing more and more in bars and restaurants.

In the photo below, the ceiling lighting makes use of RGB LED strips fitted above the edge of the pelmet. These long strips are able to produce a nice even glow along their entire length.

Living room mood lighting

Kitchen Mood lighting ideas

A kitchen is a great place to start your first LED mood lighting project for a small outlay. There are so many places in which LED strips can be fitted to produce great lighting scenes. Take for example the photo below which shows four different lighting zones in use. The wired ceiling lamps use five LED mains voltage lamps shown in the first photo above. The yellow lighting uses RGB LED strips sited at plinth level and beneath the cupboards which provides a nice focal point.

Kitchen mood lighting ideas

Bathroom lighting to set a nice, gentle relaxing mood

To help unwind at the end of a long stressful day, why not chill out in the bath with your favourite book or mag? Also, choosing a soft, gentle pastel colour for the under bath lighting really sets the mood in which to help you relax and ease away those aches and pains.

Bathroom mood lighting

Mood lighting video

To see how LED lighting has brought about some very modern effects we need to show it in action. Colour fade and colour flash modes are now the norm when it comes to the latest tech in RGB lighting. The video below shows 2 separate RGB LED strip loops running in a slow colour fade mode.

In conclusion, we have seen how simple lighting can impact on the whole feel and warmth of a room. Also, by careful placement of light sources, it is easy to add warmth and feeling to a living or working space. Why not check out the gallery at Visual chillout – the mood lighting experts – for more great ideas.

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