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There are many ways to enhance the ambience in a room such as soft furnishings, wall-mounted pictures and of course lighting. Traditionally though, lighting has centred around the humble filament lamp. These take the form of ceiling lamps (with a shade) or wall-mounted to emphasis features within the room. GU10 and MR16 spotlights have become quite popular as these can be positioned to provide illumination where needed. Furthermore, fast becoming popular choices to achieve this are LED tape kits. Here is the wide range of 5m kits from Visualchillout.

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Typical contents of LED tape kits

In the main, LED strips are 5m in length and are low voltage DC (Direct Current) e.g. 12V or 24V. Single colour strips(e.g. white LED tape) can be connected directly to a DC power supply. if dimming is required, a low voltage dimmer can be interposed between the strip and the power supply. Note that low voltage dimmers are very different from the traditional wall-mounted mains dimmers found in houses & offices.

For mood lighting, a wide range of colours including whites and pastels can be provided by RGB LED tape kits. Also, they are capable of displaying the stronger colours frequently seen. Almost all 5m RGB strip kits will comprise a power supply, an RGB controller and the LED tape as shown.

5m LED tape kits

The number of colours that can be displayed and the number of dynamic modes available is down the controller. Colour fade and colour flash modes are Dynamic modes examples. The modes have a speed adjustment to adjust between a slow gentle fade/flash and fast for parties etc.

Also available are larger kits, for example 10m or 15m strip. Yet many will not produce a nice smooth even lighting because they have not been properly designed, Some vendors simply throw together two power supplies, two RGB controllers and two 5m strips for a 10m strip kit! These will not produce an even lighting of the same colour and are best avoided. A reputable supplier of larger kits will provide components to prevent excessive dimming and overheating of strips. This can happen when multiple strips are daisy-chained together in a string-like configuration. Visualchillout have designed their kits with this in mind.

Using the LED tape kits

A self adhesive backing (like draught excluder) is attached to the 5m strips supplied with the LED tape kits. Therefore the process of assembly takes only several minutes. For TV sizes up to 65″, a 5m LED tape kit will suffice. The strip can be bent at the 4 corners to avoid having to use connectors, which are generally considered unreliable.

Furthermore, there are numerous other possible locations where LED tape can create different moods. Some examples include ceiling coving/cornices in living areas. For kitchens, under-cupboard/above-cupboard/plinth level, shelving etc are great ways to add colour. It is always best to plan in advance the intended location of all the components particularly on the larger kits.

To summarise, for a relatively low cost, LED tape kits can change the entire ambience of a room. Visualchillout can also custom design a configuration to your exact requirements for your next mood lighting project. Please do give Chris – the owner – a ring for any queries you may have as he is always willing to help.