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FAQs – frequently asked questions

Where is it suitable?

The lighting works best when the LED strip is positioned in a recessed location such that the light is reflected off a nearby surface. The colour of the nearby surface and its distance from the LED strip (ideally > 5cm) greatly influence the the intensity of light produced.

Which RGB strip do I need - 30 LED/m or 60 LED/m?

In most cases, the 30 LED/m strips are quite sufficient – especially when the reflecting surface is white or pale, and the distance between the LED strip and the surface is between 5-30cm. For darker reflecting surfaces, for heavily patterned (e.g. wall-papered) surfaces, and in situations where the surface is less than 5cm from the strip (e.g LED TV backlighting using a close-mount bracket), then our 60 LED/m strips may be more suitable.

Is the lighting easy to install?

Yes – the flexible lighting strip has a self-adhesive backing and can easily be bent around corners with care. The strip can be cut to the required length using a sharp knife at the cut-points, which are every 5cm for the 60/m strips and every 10cm for the 30/m strips. Our kits come complete with everything you need to get going, including comprehensive installation and operating instructions.

Are the RGB strips energy efficient?

Yes – our 5m 60 LED/m RGB strips consume 48W full-on bright white, 20W for typical usage, and 2.5W in standby mode. Our 5m 30 LED/m RGB strips consume 32W, 14W & 2.5W respectively.

How much LED strip will I need for my TV backlighting?

Assuming that the strip is attached around all 4 sides on the rear cover, the approximate requirements are: 40″TV=3.1m,  42″TV=3.3m, 50″TV=3.75m, 55″TV=4.2m, 60″TV=4.6m, 65″ TV=5.0m.

I have some left over LED strip - is it possible to use it?

Yes, it is possible to use strip remnants, to find out how click here for an example.

I need a configuration not covered by your range of kits - can you help?

Yes – we can design & supply a customer-specific configuration of any size – please contact us by email/phone with your request.

Can this type of lighting be powered by a lighting circuit?

Yes, however a light dimmer is not a suitable feed, a light switch is suitable and recommended to isolate when not in use for longer periods.

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