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Many people associate LED lights (typically created using LED Strip kits) with holiday and party decorations.They are often used as outdoor or seasonal lighting effects. However, recently people have discovered that LED light strips can be used to decorate any room. They are a wonderful addition and can create a range of mood lighting in almost any area of your home. These small lights can add a soft, mood lighting effect that with some thought and experimentation can be very appealing, and also easy on the eyes. There are various ways to decorate a room with LED lights which will impress anyone who comes to your home.

While many people use Christmas lights and fairy lights to decorate during special occasions, RGB LED strips are still quite a new trend and they are fun and easy to install. They can add a touch of class to your decor and clever lighting can be used to draw attention to anything you want to emphasise or focus on.

LED Strip Kits For Your Living Room

The living room can play a crucial role in making a good first impression on your guests. This is where we often entertain many of our guests. They may spend long periods of time in this room, so it should be one of the most welcoming rooms in your home. This can be achieved with clever use of lighting.

As an example, If you have a flat screen TV mounted on the wall, you can use LED strip lights to line the back of the television. The lights will draw attention to the TV, even if there is nothing on the screen. TV Bias (backlighting) kits have many benefits.  Even just using them for additional soft lighting really creates an interesting effect in the main room of your home.


You can also further accent the room by placing led strip lights behind and even under furniture. In addition, you can place the light strips behind the sofa or underneath the coffee table. Also, you can turn the room lights off while watching a movie and have the soft LED lighting ease the eyes and set the mood. The soft backlighting provided by the LED strip will mean you are not plunged into complete darkness but yet be able to create a suitable ambiance.

As RGB LED kits can come in shades of white and in colours, the moods and ambience can be altered quite dramatically. Fancy a futuristic feel while watching some sci-fi? Simply flick the switch, opting for some romance? Use one of the dimmers to take the lighting intensity to a softer level.

RGB LED Lighting In the Kitchen

You do not have to limit yourself to using LED light strips in the living room. You can use lighting to add an aesthetic boost to your kitchen. This room is where traditional white LED work best. You can have indirect ceiling lighting by placing strips around the ceilings edge and under cupboard accent lighting, often found in very expensive designer kitchens and can be installed at a fraction of the cost to breathe new light into this area.

LED light strips are not meant to be a direct source of light. You can leave the LED on when you’re not using the kitchen to create a modern looking home. If you have an open pantry or cupboards with glass doors, you can line the cabinet with light strips. This can create features and focal areas or just provide low level lighting when overhead lights are not needed.

LED Ribbon Kits In the Bedroom

The bedroom as well as for sleep can be a relaxing room where you just want some quiet time to read or reflect. Warm tones create ambient moods, think of reds, oranges, and yellows. Cooler tones are greens, purples and blues. These led light strips can easily be used along the back of dressers or along the headboard or footer, play with the ribbons and be creative. Use the lights along the edge of the door frames and windows to provide additional, alternative light sources.

Also, check out the video on some creative uses for LED strips to create dramatic effects on your stairs.

With the increase in minimalism in modern housing design, there is a rise in the popularity of simple LED lighting. Creativity is the key to deciding where the lights will be installed. A great tip is look at the room with your main over head light or lamps on. Finally, take note of where shadows naturally form in your room. How can led lights ease or accentuate those areas?

In conclusion, RGB LED lighting kits are cost effective ways to improve your home. We can even help with designs for you if you are just getting started. Take a look at some of our more popular kits and do please contact us if you need any help.