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Visualchillout is a high technology company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire on the south coast of England, UK. We aim to provide the latest LED mood lighting products to homes & businesses at very affordable prices. We ship our products all over the world, our main customer base being the UK and the EU. The UK’s recent decision to leave the EU will not change anything – it’s business as usual for Visualchillout!

Technical Solutions

With our wealth of design expertise, we are well equipped to deal with any technical issues to help plan your next lighting project.

Looking Ahead

We are constantly assessing the fast-moving pace of LED lighting and regularly introduce new products when appropriate.

Customer Support

We’re there to help with any installation queries you may have – useful for custom lighting designs and our larger kits.

More About Us

Chris Durkin (BSc.)

Chris Durkin (BSc.)



From an early age, I was always interested in electronics and frequently used to dig inside TV’s & radios to see what made them tick. I needed to learn more about their inner workings, so I enrolled on an Electronic Communications course at Salford University, then subsequently re-located to Hampshire in the thriving M3/M4 corridor to work in the UK’s Silicon Valley, working for several large International companies (including Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia & Vertu) and several smaller concerns.

More recently, as the R&D opportunities diminished in the UK (migrating to the Far East) I decided that a career move was necessary and moved into high technology lighting – an area I have always wanted to explore.

Christine Durkin (MBA)

Christine Durkin (MBA)

Marketing Consultant


I also have an electronics engineering background – that is how Chris & I met. After a few years I decided that Strategic Marketing was my real ambition and went on to complete an MBA to help catapult my carer in the right direction.

Rapidly understanding customer needs, I turn insight and requirements into value propositions, Go-to-Market strategies and operational plans. I interpret complex technical and commercial information and deliver it in ways that customers can easily digest.

In my spare time, I help out with Visualchillout at a less strategic level to help the business progress.

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