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LED Mood Lighting

We supply a wide range of remote-controlled White/RGB/RGBW LED strip kits (5m – 25m of flexible LED tape). We also provide a custom design service for any type of LED strip installation, for any size or configuration – give us a call do discuss your next mood lighting project. More on our FAQs page.

Our 10m – 25m RGB kits now use 24V strips and Epistar LED chips – the best on the market!

NEW! RGBW strip kits : 5m-15m with Epistar LED chips from only £89.



Why choose us?

We are not like most of the popular on-line stores, we pride ourselves in un-rivalled customer service, offering a superb free after-sales help & advice service – see our testimonials to see for yourself. Also, we are qualified Electronics Engineers, so no job is too large or too complex – give us a call!

View our galleries

Our photo galleries illustrate how our products can completely transform your living space, from our entry-level Mood Lighting starter kit starting at only £24, right up to complex bespoke RGB LED lighting systems. See also our new Video Gallery demonstrating the lighting dynamics (colour fade/flash).


This modern living room uses 2 zones of RGB LED strip and 2 separate RGB controllers to adjust the colour & brightness of the inner loop and outer loop strips. The video shows the 2 loops running asynchronously in a slow colour change mode to display a wide range of colours, the speed of the fade is adjustable using the remote control.

About RGB mood lighting

The RGB (Red Green Blue) LED (Light Emitting Diode) measures typically 5mm x 5mm. These three primary colours can be controlled individually, which allows them to produce a broad spectrum of colours, including many shades of white, and over a wide range of brightness levels. The devices have a wide beam angle of 120 degrees as they are surface mounted.

The surface-mount devices are attached to a flexible strip, with a self adhesive backing (similar to draught excluder) making them easy to install, and with care, can be bent around corners. All our led tape kits & lamps are very energy-efficient (Class A).

The LED controller is the ‘brain’ of the system, supplying the red, green & blue LED’s individually with the required power to produce the colour selected on the remote control. It is the controller that determines how many colours the strip can display and how many modes (e.g. flash/fade) are available.

The strips connect to the controller via 4 wires, the controller connects to a 12V DC power supply via 2 wires, these 3 items form our RGB lighting system, typically found in our 10m led strip kits.

About white LED lighting

White LED strips use blue LED’s that have a yellow phosphor coating, ‘skewing’ the spectrum to produce a white light. Cool white strips have a slight blue tint (daylight), whereas warm white strips have a yellow tint and more resemble the warm glow of the traditional filament lamp. Our white LED strips can be dimmed using our 12V dimmers (or an RGB controller), or they can be connected straight to a 12V power supply for full brightness.

The 3rd type of white strip is the Dual white CCT strip (Controllable Colour Temperature) which features both warm and cool devices alternating down the length of the strip. By using a CCT controller, or our WiFi smartphone/tablet controllers, the white produced from the strip can be adjusted between a warm yellow and a subtle cool blue hue, and dimmed over several brightness levels.

The LED CCT strip is an excellent energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly (mercury-free) replacement for fluorescent tubes used for under-cupboard lighting in kitchens etc.

All our LED strips & RGB spotligths are Energy rating A

All our LED strips and RGB spotlights are very energy efficient in Category A.

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Visualchillout : Inventors of DFS (Dual Feeding System) and DRS (Dimming Reduction System) technology for RGB LED strips

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